How Do I Teach My Children to Treat Me? And How Do I Treat Them?

Posted on Tuesday, February 14, 2017 by Manon Sookocheff.

Why me first? I can’t help you breathe if I’m not breathing. Keeping in mind that the way our children treat us is a reflection of the way they will treat others, it seems like a good idea to teach them to interact with us respectfully. But what does that look like? That’s a tricky one. Please keep in mind that the first two categories I describe below are extremes, and that even if you fall into some of the patterns I describe, you likely also maintain a connection, offer loving guidance, and honour feelings.

Compassion - Be the Pebble

Posted on Tuesday, February 7, 2017 by Manon Sookocheff.

Everywhere I turn, political views are being expressed. Some share their surprise, their discouragement, their anger, their fears, their sadness, their disgust, their disagreements, their “how could this happen?!?!?!”. Others share their hopes, their eagerness for change, their excitement. I don’t condemn the practice altogether. Sharing ideas is important; expressing and receiving views on public platforms, such as social media, exposes us to a variety of angles on common topics, and allows us to entertain the possibility that someone else might have a valid point, even if it is different from our own. From that, the possibility for growth is born. Sharing interpretations helps us make sense of the seemingly senseless.