Manon Sookocheff

I am a bilingual (French/English) practitioner of psychotherapy, certified by the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) as a Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC). I hold a Master’s degree (M. Ed.) in counselling.

My focus in psychotherapy is on Energy Healing and I specialize in working with clients living under the grip of anxiety. My approach relies heavily on the body’s own energy and thus your own personal power to heal yourself. I combine tools in Energy Psychology, Energy Medicine, and the power of EMDR to produce deep and lasting psychological healing.

Before I joined the clinical world, I resided on the research side. I earned a Master’s degree (M.Sc.) in Computer Science specializing in Artificial Intelligence. More specifically, I studied and elaborated mathematical models that help shed some light on how we, humans, reason in the world. Further to that, I completed a doctoral degree (Ph.D.) also in Artificial Intelligence in the department of Computer Science. This time, I elaborated on the work I had accomplished in my M.Sc. by using some of my useful mathematical models to explore and measure more human behaviours pertaining to cognition, epistemology, decision making, problem-solving, situational understanding, inferences, and just how we make sense of the world around us.

The first few years of my career were dedicated to behavioural analysis in different capacities. That work, combined with my own personal experience with anxiety, led me to what felt like a natural transition to the clinical side.