Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also called meridian tapping (or just tapping) is a gentle release technique that allows for the accelerated processing of negative emotions. It operates under the assumption that all negative emotions are the result of disruptions in the individual’s energy system. The technique consists of tapping acupressure points on the body while tuning into a specific event, memory, emotion, pain, or trauma. EFT has consistently shown quick, lasting relief from emotional pain. Also, since physical ailments typically contain an underlying emotional component, EFT is an effective method for addressing physical issues, from mild discomforts to chronic pain.

The acupressure points are a subset of the points used in acupuncture, except we don’t use needles. We simply tap the points with our fingers. The points we tap are located on the end points of your body’s energy meridians. Your energy meridians are like highways that transport energy throughout your body. By tapping these points while tuning into negative emotions, we can communicate directly with our energy system help to remove old beliefs about ourselves that no longer serve us.

Our Past Pain is Like a Car Pileup on the Highway

If the meridians are energy pathways, like highways, then let’s think of the disruption in the system, or the energy block, as a car pileup on the highway. What happens? The cars in the pileup can’t move. They are stuck. The cars right behind the pileup, even though they are free to move, can’t go anywhere because the road is blocked. Those way behind the pileup are also stopped, but they don’t know why. They are so far behind the pileup that all they know is that they are stuck. The pileup can be viewed as the initial trauma — the block in your energy system. The cars right behind are the ways in which you reorganized your life, and the self-limiting beliefs you created about yourself as a result of the trauma. The car at the end of the long line of backed up traffic is you now. You can’t move, and have no idea why. With EFT, we can remove the pileup, and thus restore the flow of traffic — restoring balance to our lives.

A Tapping Session

What we do in a tapping session is actually quite simple in principle. While we tune into a negative emotion, memory, trauma, or event, we tap the end points of our energy meridians to accelerate the processing and releasing of negative emotions. The emotions then lose their power over us and we become in charge of ourselves in the here and now. The past no longer controls us, or dictates our thoughts, actions, and behaviour.

Tapping on Your Own

One of the many truly fascinating things about EFT is that with a little coaching, you can do so much of your personal work with rapid progress all on your own. You can tap to process and release negative emotions from your past or to address a feeling that’s coming up right now in the moment. We do some processing in our sessions together and discuss what events or feelings you can tackle on your own between sessions, which greatly accelerates your journey to inner peace, freedom, and self-love. Another great feature of EFT is that you don’t have to think and analyse so much for once. We all do way too much of that as it is. If we could “think” our way out of our problems, we wouldn’t have any right? EFT helps the (over) analytical brain talk to the often ignored emotional brain. We are too often taught to ignore, repress, hide our feelings, when in fact, they are the one absolutely authentic part of us that doesn’t lie and guides us to what our needs are.

To find out more about EFT, you can visit the EFTU website.