Over the course of many years I have discovered the root cause of my chronic illness and fatigue may actually be unresolved emotional issues. After trying many therapies such as Reiki, naturopathic emotional treatments, various counsellors and anxiety medication, I have found EFT treatments with Manon to be the most effective. With my engineering background I was skeptical of EFT, however, Manon soon earned my trust and I accepted the process without needing to know the how’s and why’s. Manon’s compassion, attention to detail and ability to find the patterns in seemingly unrelated issues continues to amaze me.

Rob Q Saskatoon, SK

I recently had a very powerful session with Manon. I think I finally healed the big wound of birth where my mom rejected me at Day 1.  After clearing the pain of being rejected at such a crucial moment using regular EFT, Manon guided me with Matrix Reimprinting (technique derived from traditional EFT), which allowed me to have a 'second birth' and for my baby-self to have her needs fulfilled - being held and feeling safe. What a gift! Will be forever grateful to Manon.

AT Quebec

Manon Sookocheff was recommended to us by my daughter's Kindergarten teacher. Manon was prompt to schedule an appointment with us and we received e-mail confirmation of our appointment. She was also flexible when we needed to reschedule. Manon asked us to complete an extensive intake form of questions through e-mail. Upon filling it out, Manon replied with additional questions. I was very happy to be given the opportunity to share as much information as possible and share my observations and worries about my daughter prior to meeting Manon. She invited us into her very tidy and warm and home office. She immediately made my daughter feel at ease by showing her an assortment of playfully coloured bins filled with a variety of age appropriate activities (legos, stickers, crayons, shopkins). Our session with Manon was carefully centered around my daughter's fear of failure. Manon would purposely make mistakes and  share her feelings, thoughts, emotions while inviting my daughter to do the same. She sat on the rug at eye level with my daughter and centered all her attention and time on her. She listened to every word and thought that left my daughter's mouth. She helped my daughter identify her feelings (happy, sad, mad, scared). She carefully peeled away layers upon layers of build up emotion. She used physical touch to make a connection as well as 'push out' the emotional baggage weighing down on my daughter. She was also very aware of my daughter's needs, as she would let my daughter play and take breaks when necessary. Manon did an incredible job at making my daughter feel heard, safe, respected, comfortable and loved! I highly recommend her to any mom. Following our appointment, Manon was open to explaining the after effects of psychotherapy. She coached me by e-mails/texts/face-to-face meetings and elaborated on ways I as a mother (as well as her teacher) could implement the same technics she used at home. I regained confidence as a mom with her help. Manon provided me with written step by step exercises to be used in specific situations with my daughter, accompanied with easy to follow YouTube videos in which she herself demonstrates the exercises. I am a French Immersion teacher and Manon invited me to use her YouTube Videos with my class. My grade 4 students absolutely love doing body breaks with the pretty French Psychotherapist, and are now using these exercises daily to relieve stress and anxiety. Thank you for coming into our life Manon!

Laura Saskatoon, SK

Manon’s superior listening skills and her unique abilities to help one get to the core of the problem, coupled with her humor helped me gain a new perspective on a long-standing issue I have had. Her insight and natural ability will take her clients to new horizons. I am excited to continue to work with her.


Manon is a very talented EFT practitioner. She gently guided me to begin releasing a lifelong addiction to excessive sugar. I will be eternally grateful to her and highly recommend her!

Bobbie B. Wisconsin

Manon is a thorough and compassionate therapist who can get to the root of your issue, quickly. She helped me make the shift from being constantly professional and responsible in every area of my life to being able to loosen up, have fun and be more lighthearted. After working with her on this issue, I felt an immediate shift and noticed an instant change in my work attitude and personal life. Although I am still professional at work and get my work done, I am able to small-talk and laugh with my co-workers and in my personal life; I look for ways to have fun with myself, friends and family. Manon helped me to tap (pun intended) into my fun self.

Andrea New York, NY

Manon is a skilled and compassionate practitioner. She was able to work with me on sensitive issues in a gentle and effective manner. I would highly recommend her!

Joseph Cheser

Dear Manon,

I am so grateful for your support!  You helped me release some of the old junk that was holding me back, and I feel so much better.  You also believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself.  Now I feel like I’m moving forward and aligning with my dreams and goals.  Thank you so much!

Penny Toronto, ON

Before seeing Manon I struggled with confidence issues — anxiety at work had me working harder and harder, trying to prove to myself and my colleagues that I belonged. Manon skillfully guided me through my confidence issues and was able to highlight past pains that contributed to my current state of mind. Now, with her help, I feel better than ever about my future, without being held back by my past.

K.S. Saskatoon, SK

I had long suspected that a lot of (if not all) physical pain was rooted in emotional pain; unresolved emotions presenting as physical pain, often chronic pain. Working with Manon on EFT kind of confirmed this for me. Manon gently guides you through the tapping and asks questions along the way to get to the source of the trauma/unresolved issue. The journey you go on in an EFT session isn’t easy, but Manon’s non-judgemental attitude and genuine desire to help you heal made me feel comfortable and safe.

A.L Kelowna, BC

Dear Manon, I feel that I have benefited much from our EFT sessions.  They have helped me deal with emotional and physical pain.  EFT is quite effective and seems to work quickly.  It is more than a treatment, it is a tool that can easily be used anywhere anytime.  Merci beaucoup!

C.S. Saskatoon, SK